more artwork:

you can find at the right side (links/art)

8 Gedanken zu „more artwork:

  1. my dear friend of many years from the city of music

    Your art continues to move my heart and brain in an incredible manner. ~thank you~ for sharing yourself with me in so many different ways – your paintings, your music, your opinions and ideas on life and people, and most importantly your friendship these many years that we have known each other

    my deepest respect and admiration for you


  2. herbert,

    a truely great website for a great friend and even greater artist.
    as a designer myself, we know how jeaulous we can be at times about other people’s work – and you make me really jeaulous!

    i knew all you need is a little push in the right direction… and voila!

    keep it up,


    p.s. wow – i see you didn’t satisfy yourself with only 1 website!
    p.p.s. my favourite is „the blessing“ (cd-cover)

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